5 Reasons Why It’s A Smart Investment To Paint Your Commercial Building

Commercial establishments often view paint jobs as an expense. Aesthetics, they believe, have no role to play when the quality of their products or services is outstanding. Well, good products and services sure can take businesses to new heights; there’s no doubt about it. But, the aesthetics of a commercial building makes a substantial contribution to business success as well, which often gets overlooked. Here are some reasons why a painting job can be one of the smartest investments you make on your business this year. 

1. Appreciation in Value

Consider two identical buildings, side by side. One of them is freshly painted, and the other’s paint is peeling off. Which one would you consider purchasing when they are both priced the same? Of course, the freshly painted one. 

It’s not all about the looks either. Buyers often equate the poor state of paint with poor maintenance. This will drastically bring down the value of your commercial establishment. So, painting your commercial building is crucial for maintaining its value in the real estate market. 

2. Long-term Cost Effectiveness

What’s the difference between painting every year and painting once in 5 years?

Painting not only improves the appearance of your building but also protects it from damage. So, if you do not paint your commercial building regularly, sooner than later, it will require a major overhaul. The expense for such an overhaul would be prohibitive. To prevent that, you must get your building painted regularly. 

3. Measurable Improvement in Appeal

An office or a store with a freshly painted exterior exudes success. An old, worn-out building exudes deterioration. Customers are instantly drawn to excellent looking business establishments. These buildings convey the fact that your business is stable, growing, and dependable. The clients can trust your products or services, knowing that you will be in the industry for the long term to support them. Naturally, as soon as you give your commercial building a painting job, you’ll notice an immediate increase in footfalls. 

4. Productivity Boost

Your employees are the heart of your business. Their morale takes a hit when they are working in a sub-optimum work environment. When you give them a clean, safe, and healthy environment to work, they will be less distracted by the state of the office and can focus better on the work.

Interestingly, the interior décor at is known to have a massive impact on our emotional and mental states. Bright, vibrant colours exude energy; green is known to spark creativity; blue tones promote peaceful moods. A professional painter can use the right combination of colours can help your business create the perfect work environment that witnesses the highest productivity improvement.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Worker health and safety laws in your industry might require your business to follow mandatory guidelines when painting specific areas of your business. If paints in these areas are peeling or are not as clearly visible as they should be, it can land your business in trouble. You can avoid unnecessary legal complications by conducting periodical paint maintenance jobs.
Painting your commercial building regularly not only saves your substantial expenses in the future but also contributes to your revenue growth.