Does Exterior Painting Increase the Value of Your Home

The exterior paint of a house creates its first impression in the mind of a prospective buyer. Any real estate agent worth their salt will ask you to get an exterior paint job if the house does not look its best. An exterior paint is a rather affordable improvement for a house which can lead to high returns. It is not a matter of conjecture. Industry reports have shown that exterior paint jobs increase the value of a home by 2-5%. But, how does an exterior paint job increase the value of your home?

Old Exterior Raises Doubts

An old and dingy exterior is an instant turn off for any home buyer. It indicates that the house has not been maintained in the past. For a home buyer, who is looking to invest a sizeable amount in an asset, an unkempt exterior is a red flag. They will expect the house to have other maintenance issues they may not be able to see yet. Given the highly competitive nature of the real estate market, this reason is enough to drive them away from buying the house. They are ready to pay more for a house that has been properly maintained rather than gambling on one that is visibly unkempt.

Most Buyers Want a Readymade House

When a retail buyer is looking for a property, they are searching for a house that they can move in. Hunting for a house and moving are already daunting and time-consuming tasks. While some people would want to do major renovations to customise a house to their needs, most look for houses they can just shift in and start a life. An unpainted exterior is an extra job for the buyer. They would rather pay a premium for a home that offers convenience.

Exterior Paint Can Change Perception

The colour of the exterior paint of a house also has a psychological impact. A lighter shade can make a patio or the balcony look bigger. The lighter colours blend in with the colours outdoor and create a perception of space. Certain colours have an evergreen appeal and are favourites for painting a house’s exterior. These include neutral shades like beiges, light blues, and greys. Bright and eclectic colours may be of interest to a niche audience. But, the neutral colours make the house look classy and more appealing to a large section of buyers, which makes for an easy sell.

Tips to Get Started

Painting the exterior is a worthy investment before selling your house. It is also essential to choose the right professional painter to do the job. Leading Edge Painting offer you some of the best painters in Sydney to improve your home. The expertise of our professional house painters in Sydney ensures that the final results appeal to a large pool of prospective buyers. It will give your house an edge in the market.