Ready For a Fresh Coat of Paint?

Leading Edge Painting offers a complete range of repaint and paint repair services to elevate the look of your home or office. Working in this business for so many years has taught us just how much a choice of colour can affect a person’s mood and productivity. We are familiar with the psychology of colours and can help you choose the best shade for a particular room in your home or office. 

Feel free to contact one of our experts right away and schedule a consultation. We are happy to get out in the field, inspect the space you wish to repaint and advise on the best approach to the project. Our ultimate goal is to create a space that will represent the perfect balance of your desires and our expertise. 

Whether you have already planned everything or need an additional pair of eyes to help you come up with the best solution – Leading Edge Painting is at your disposal to help repaint any space!

Refresh Your Home or Office

We are Sydney’s leading residential, commercial and strata painting specialists. We are the go-to professionals for any interior and exterior painting, repaints, renovations, and paint repairs. We are your local professionals who know what are some of the most common issues Sydneysiders encounter in their homes – and we have a plan in place to help repair them and provide durable solutions. 

Don’t like the old colour on your walls? We’ll repaint it! See cracks and damages in the wall? We’ll repair it. Leading Edge Painting team has spent years repainting walls, house interior and exteriors and have learned to fix any painting-related problem. We can help you correct some irregularities, decide on the best colour to match your decor and create the space that you will enjoy spending time in. 

Consider Leading Edge Painting repaint services for your next project!



We never say no to a project, no matter how big or small it may be. Having said that, our repaint and paint repair professionals had the chance to work on some of the more challenging projects, and we know that they do their very best work when they feel secure. For this reason, Leading Edge Painting trains its experts to follow the best industry safety practices. We also cover the inherent risk in the job with a $million Public Liability Insurance Policy and I Care Workers Compensation Policy. 

Professionalism and Expertise

Not only do we have the skills for repainting house interior and exterior, but we have the eye for details. Our employees are highly creative and can provide a valuable piece of advice on how to design your space to create a warm, inspiring, and productive environment. 

Thinking About Repainting Your House? Partner With Leading Repaint and Paint Repair Experts!

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