Do You Really Need to Invest in High-pressure Cleaning?

Yes. Stubborn dirt which accumulates on your facade, roof, pavement, and garden beds can only be as clean as new if treated with a high-pressure cleaner. Don’t wait another minute – Leading Edge Painting team performs a complete house and building wash-down. We bring back the sparkle to residential, commercial and strata buildings with our high-pressure cleaning service. Our goal is to clean the property and allow it to breathe with full capacity. 

More importantly, we wish to help you rid of the dirt that might cause greater structural damage if left untreated. Our high-pressure cleaning contractors are focused on providing you and your family with a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment. For your commercial site, we clean your building, no matter how big or small, and ensure it maintains its professional look. As such, it will create a much more productive, pleasant and safe working environment for your employees. 

High-pressure Cleaning With The Right Tools

If performed by a non-professional, high-pressure cleaning may cause more or less severe damage to the surface. Our advice is – turn to a professional. Here at Leading Edge Painting, we have a team of experts who have experience working with high-pressure washers the right way and have successfully rid of dirt and debris in the past. No matter the type of surface – brick, concrete, metal, or plastic – we have the equipment suitable to remove the dirt without causing any damage. 

Our high-pressure cleaning service only includes water, which means it is completely environmentally friendly. No chemical-based solvents are used, and still the results are impeccable. Cleaning and maintaining your residential, commercial, or strata property has never been easier – nor more cost-effective, as we offer high-quality service at a reasonable price! 



All of our employees are fully licensed. They are trained to complete high-pressure washing services by following the best industry safety practices. Leading Edge Painting also covers the inherent risk in the job with a $million Public Liability Insurance Policy and I Care Workers Compensation Policy.


We use cutting-edge equipment and high-pressure washers manufactured by some of the most reputable industry names. That way, we ensure that we have the tools to handle any project, regardless of how big or small it may be. 


Our professionals have years of experience working on a range of high-pressure cleaning projects across Sydney. However, we never stop investing in our staff training programs. We want them to advance their knowledge and skills so that they would be able to cope with any new challenge. With new technology changing the industry, we want to be ready to pick up any upgraded pressure-washer and use it to help you clean your residential, commercial or strata property. 

Don’t Resort to Any Do It Yourself Practices – Hire Leading Edge Painting High-pressure Cleaning Services and Have the Property Thoroughly Cleaned 

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