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Why Spray Painting?

Found the colour you love? Leading Edge Painting is at your service to help your vision become a reality. Owing to our years of experience, we had the chance to test different methods and discover the one that delivers the best results – and spray painting proved to be one of the most appropriate painting techniques for a range of commercial, residential and strata projects

Fast and Detailed Application

A spray painter holds the tool that offers a much more thorough application. A spray paint gun leaves a perfect finish in the shortest amount of time, as it offers smooth and even application. Spray painters can even cover some of the more difficult to reach corners and thus achieve perfection. 

Spray painting services in Sydney became popular both with our residential and commercial clients, as this technique helps us cover large areas almost 10 times faster than we normally would with a roller and a brush. Whether you need your walls, roofs, facade or any other surface painted quickly – Leading Edge Painting has a team of spray painters ready to arrive at your location when it best suits you.

A Range of Application

Spray painting can be performed on a variety of surfaces and deliver the same, even finish. Over the years, we worked on a variety of indoor and outdoor projects which required quick but effective solutions. Our team has the necessary knowledge and skills required to inspect the surface thoroughly and come up with the best approach to spray paint it. 

Hire a professional spray painter

From the sidelines, spray painting may seem simple, but to achieve expected results – the spray gun has to be handled by a professional.

Leading Edge Painting offers spray painting services in Sydney at a competitive price which includes everything from the necessary preparation and materials to a team of hard-working experts – all you need to get the project completed from start to finish. Our people specialised in the application of a range of residential, commercial and strata projects and know how to approach any challenge.


Speed and Quality

Our spray painters complete every job with a high level of care and attention. We understand that it takes a keen eye and meticulous hands to deliver expected results in the shortest amount of time. 

Tools and Equipment

We operate only with the first-class spray painting equipment to ensure an impeccable finish. Leading Edge Painting utilises tools from the most reputable industry manufacturers which allows us to spray paint any surface and difficult-to-reach corner. 

High Industry Standards

Our spray painting services in Sydney are performed in accordance with the highest industry standards. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and make your dreams come true.

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