The Importance of the Line Marking Standard

To maximise the safety on Australian roads, the government emphasises the importance of harmonising road line markings across the country. They are key for providing safe, comfortable and efficient operations of the road network. We here at Leading Edge Painting understand that complying with these standards is imperative and provide line marking in Sydney to help carry out the cause. 

We are invested in our employees’ education to make sure they have rich knowledge of the subject. We have experience helping to remark existing pavement and road line markings and ensure they are in sync with national specifications. 

Line Marking For Your Business

Are you one hundred per cent certain that your commercial property complies with the standardised line marking? If not, feel free to contact Leading Edge Painting and one of our experts will arrive at your place of business to inspect the lot. 

We are familiar with the current Australian Standards intended to create the most optimal and efficient traffic flow, as well as keep the pedestrians safe. 

Whether you are just building a car park and need an expert to help complete the project, or you already have one that requires revising – Leading Edge Painting has a team of line marking experts ready to aid you.

Our Mission

 Since the establishment, our goal has been to deliver services that will provide our neighbours with a safe and comfortable living and working environment. So far, we have successfully performed our comprehensive painting, maintenance and repair services to residential, commercial and strata clients. Today, we are extending our influence and are hitting the streets. We offer line marking in Sydney to contribute to building a safer environment for our clients when they are out on the road, daily, travelling from home to work and back.



For us, safety is of utmost priority. Since the very first day, we cared for the security of our own people by covering the inherent risk in the job with I Care Workers Compensation Policy and a $million Public Liability Insurance Policy. Just the same, we care for the safety of our clients – whether they are relaxing at home, working in the office, or strolling the streets of Sydney.    


We possess the necessary knowledge required to provide proper line marking service. We follow trends and invest in our team’s education to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest laws and Australian Standards regarding line marking. We will arrive to inspect your current lot and advise on what needs to be done to comply with the national standards. 

Tools and Equipment

We equipped our team with the proper tools so that they can provide line marking services quickly and efficiently.

Comply With The National Standards – Call Leading Edge Painting to Inquire About Our Line Marking Service!

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