Strip Your Walls

Tired of looking at the old, outdated wallpaper? Thinking about ripping it off the wall yourself? That may not be the best approach. Leading Edge Painting, the leading painting company in Sydney, has years of experience in wallpaper removal and we know what is the best way to handle such endeavour. 

Our team of wallpaper removal experts are equipped with the tools and materials necessary to complete the project properly. We know that it takes a gentle and steady pair of expert hands to remove the wallpaper without causing any damage to the wall behind it. 

Our professional wallpaper removal package can include wall preparation for painting and new wallpaper installation. If you wish, upon taking off the wallpaper, our team can repair any leftover imperfections on the surface, smoothen it, clean it and apply a paint primer. After that, the sky is the limit – whether you wish to install new wallpaper or paint over the wall with a fresh coat of paint.

Enrich Your Interior With a New Wallpaper Design

Not sure what to do with the blank canvas? Leading Edge Painting is not just at your disposal to complete the ‘practical’ part of the project. We employ a team of highly creative painters who can advise you on the most suitable colour or propose a wallpaper design suitable for your space. We are familiar with the colour psychology and what particular shades can do visually for your space. You just tell us what the room is intended for – work, play, leisure – and we will tell you which hue will properly enrich the space.

Turn Your Imagination into a Reality

Already have an idea in mind? We offer wallpaper removal and installation services, accompanied by a range of painting services that will make your dreams come true. Your satisfaction is paramount and our team will employ their skills and creativity to exceed your expectations. 



Wallpaper removal and installation can be a challenging task if handled by a non-professional. Leading Edge Painting team has completed a range of redesign and renovation projects and know what it takes to remove the wallpaper without causing any greater damage to the wall behind it. Our team can prepare the surface for the new design, be it a different wallpaper or a plain unicolour painted wall.  

A Complete Service

We offer a range of painting, maintenance and repair services. We are your one-stop-shop for any residential or commercial refurbishing requirements. We have the proper tools, equipment and manpower to handle any project, no matter how big or small. 

No Shortcuts

We are not satisfied until we achieve perfection. We provide professional wallpaper removal and wallpaper installation services intended to provide you with a refreshed, inspiring space you will want to spend time in. 

Don’t Resort to DIY Techniques – Leading Edge Painting Offers Cost-efficient Wallpaper Installation and Wallpaper Removal in Sydney

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